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 AGNI is a 300+ hour online Intensive.
The course materials are plentiful, and the more tim
e each student puts into their training, the more they will receive.

In-person, limited spaces are available
in Pasadena, California.


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Take the Immersion Modules of AGNI!

A Self-paced exploration of Kriya Yoga, Ayurveda and

Yogic principals of rejuvenation and regeneration.

This discount will also apply to the training tuition if you continue into the full certification program.

Expand your knowledge as you explore the Intensive.

           The AGNI Intensive & Teacher Training covers a broad spiritual spectrum to reflect the depth and dimension of the system of Shabd Kriya Yoga from which this work has evolved. The Intensive presents teachings on:

Conscious Asana & Alignment

Holistic & Ayurvedic Anatomy

The Pranic Body and Major Nadis 

Subtle Body Structure and Tantric Chakra System

 True Mind and Soul Body

Study the philosophy of Yoga through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Kriya Yoga Upanishads, Vijnana Bharaiva and other beloved historical texts as well as through the course "Love Notes" which are an extensive manual created from over 20 years of yogic tools and resources.  AGNI is for those souls who wish to practice with others of a similar thirst.


To fulfill the graduation and certification requirements

for AGNI in Yoga as Therapy, you will need to:

1. Make time for a daily self-practice. 

2. Take a minimum two Yoga classes of your choosing each week

either live with the instructor present, or in archived classes.

3. Attend live or watch 2 - 3 lecture/discussions on each theme.

4.  Submit your written homework requiring 2 - 10 hours for each module.  

Times for Yoga as Therapy methodology and Ayurvedic Yoga lectures depend on the availability of the current group of Teacher Trainees. Please note that these sessions are additional to weekly Yoga and meditation classes and  practices.  

The momentum for the Intensive truly comes from the students.  Online students may graduate in as little as 6 and no more than 28 months. As  the Intensive Training is currently self-paced, each student moves on to the next of 13 modules after the last is completed, allowing for individual evolution, intellectual research and spiritual contemplation throughout the course!



  1. Adi Vach Mantra – Uncoiling – Yogic Cleansing Kriyas

  2. Pure Movement & The Heart – Chandra Namaskars – Heart, Blood & Seva

Holistic Anatomy:

  1. Regeneration – Clearing & Cleansing Mind & Body – Physical Body Organs – Glands & the Vibratory Cosmology – Rasayana/Rejuvenation 

  2. The Central Nervous System & The Earth’s Core – Spine & Mind

  3. How Does Consciousness Move In The Body?  How are emotions are held in the body? Anatomy Painting ( In person only )

Practicing Through The Waves:

  1. Laya Yoga – Indra Nittra & Divine Shakti 

  2. Tantra Yoga – Kriyas for Memory – Color, Sound & Vibrational Healing 


Energy Anatomy Languages:

  1. Intro to Chinese Medicine – Tracing Meridian pathways – Yin/Yang Theory – The nourishment of Kriya Yoga 

  2. The Auric Field and Planetary Consciousness – Chakras – Nadis – Nirvana 

  3. Vah & The Reality of Bliss – Capacity to Deal With Life 

Yoga Philosophies of the Soul:

  1. The Universe (As Your Body) – Kundalini Shakti – Healing Methodologies

  2. Working with All of the Elements/Balancing Tattvas - Lower to Upper Triangle – Darshan – Review 

  3. Bringing It all Together – Graduates choose a day to host a Yoga benefit.


Yoga is "Radical, conscious freedom from the bounds

of conditioned personality, ingrained habits and stories." -  Dr. Marcel Ringawa




3 Main Aspects of Online Training

Breaking down the requirements:


1. Commitment to a Self-Practice  

Meditation, asana and Kriya practices are given, centering around each module's theme.  Detailed written notes, with photos, drawings and often videos are sent out via email so the materials can be studied and embodied.  Each module's Kriya Yoga series may take between 90 – 180 minutes, depending on how the session is approached. 


Ideally, Yoga happens in a clean, silent, sacred space.  After taking live Zoom classes or viewing a recorded session, AGNI students are encouraged to explore the material more deeply.  Working on Kriya and meditation practices from personal notes as well as course materials, students find their true mind and body rhythms, especially with all media and internet turned off!


2. Participate in TeachingsYoga Classes, Dharma Talks, Group Discussions 

* See the full online Schedule below. 

A minimum of 2 live, online, or archived yoga classes must be attended and documented each week throughout the training.

These can be with Lea or with any PRANA MANDIR Yoga graduate.

Minimum 3 hours each week for study in the form of  Dharma talks, Wisdom teachings & Group Discussions on:

Kriya Yoga & Tantric Philosophy

Methodologies for Healing & the Inner Technology of Health

Ayurvedic Principals & Anatomy 

Teaching methodology

The Art of Breath - Prana As Medicine

Guidance for working with Students and Clients Therapeutically 


Dharma Talks and Live Discussions are scheduled according to the current group's availability.   Times can shift to meet current needs. Recorded archives from current and previous trainings are available for registered AGNI students in order to review or catch up with each module's requirements.

3. For Each Theme, Homework is Given. 

Assignments are written, some ask for journaling, self-reflection, and even art projects are given.  Additional physical practices, contemplations, etc. can also be helpful along the way.​  Students should plan for a minimum of 3 hours each week to be set aside for written homework.



Acceptance into the course is by application only.

Return please to

Take some time to sit with the application and reflect.

The energy with which you begin now will continue and guide you in the course.

Like a kriya, the journey is continuous and personal.


1. Name(s) Does your name hold a meaning for you, spiritually, personally or historically?

2. Date of birth. How has this date been significant for you?

3. How long have you been practicing Yoga? What lineage(s)? With whom have you studied?

4. What motivated you to begin: fitness, quietude, bliss?

5. What aspects of yoga or meditation would like to explore more deeply?

6. Do you meditate? With whom did you study?

7. Please write more about your personal journey: turning points, challenges, revelations.

8. What changes have your close friends and family noticed in you along the way?

(You may go ask them if you wish.)

9. How have you maintained discipline in your practice and devotion to your spirit?

10. Why do you want to join in the intensive?

11. Are you currently a Yoga teacher or do you wish to become a certified Yoga teacher in the future?

Is there an area of your work in which you are interested in utilizing the technology of Yoga? Please explain.



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Online Kriya Yoga Class Times 

KUNDALINI KRIYA YOGA & Guided MEDITATION ---> Sunday 9:00am PT/ Noon ET
 & Tibetan NIDRA / Dream Yoga ---> Monday 5:30pm PT/ 8:30 ET
(Suggested but not required. ) KRIYA YOGA ---> Tuesday/ Thursday 7:00am PT / 10:00am ET

Dharma Talks & Discussions

Scheduled during the week for AGNI Intensive students, with special topics and mentoring,
by request

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Early Bird Tuition Rate – $3000 – pay in full upon acceptance.

Pre-registered Tuition – $3200 – includes deposit.

Full Tuition – $3450 – A monthly payment plan may be arranged.

After completing the application and upon acceptance, a deposit is required to hold your space in the training.  Minimum deposit is $500.



Course Fees


Please contact us your questions or to
discuss your participation.       626.421.3851

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