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"The body is the Temple and the soul therein is like Shiva. Therefore, shed ignorance and worship  the body, considering it the abode of God." 

- The Yoga Upanishads 



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Jaya OM! 

Yoga Global

Remember things you have never known.

A curated and theme-based forum.

Find the irresistible shape of your practice.

1. Class Times   

Kriya Yoga  & Meditation ---> Sunday 9:00am PT / Noon ET

Kundalini Kriyas & TibetanNidra ---> Monday 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET

Morning Kriya Yoga ---> Tuesday / Thursday 7:00am PT / 10:00am ET 

2. Original Art, Articles, Vegetarian Recipes, etc. 

Ongoing exploration of Self through spiritual inquiry, music, visual art,

poetry, dance and photography, etc.


3. Archived classes

Recorded sessions are viewable for 72 - 96 hours after class.

Our favorites are kept in the members portal and sent out via email too!

Also ... discussions, interviews & special classes.     

Rather than taking class to get away

from your life - practice your life

as a path into the heart of Yoga.

The members area is a "virtual studio", not for housing 100's of videos to watch while doing isolated practices, but to dedicate the space and time to embodied learning.  


Each month focuses on a theme.  All aspects of Yoga are explored and adored, so what emerges are new resources on yoga as well as Ayurvedic foods, Seasonal rituals, always art, and even some printable yogic resources.

The creation of the next spiritual texts are happening right now.  Through technology, our intuitive Wisdom and Yogic knowledge are forming and shaping the next spiritual teachings!








Please turn off apps & electronic devices whenever possible for you and take your practice from the resources, notes, or from your memory!  Personalized Yoga is worth its weight in gold. It's all about giving yourself time to learn and practice in a quiet, clean space, away from life's distractions.

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP SUBSCRIPTION                                                  

$108 / Suggested Monthly Subscription Membership 

Includes online as well as archived recorded classes + special events + access the members private portal and "virtual studio". 

You may use any of the following payment portals to register. Donations via:

Venmo @Lea-Kraemer



* Note it is for this month of PRANA MANDIR Global - PMG *








DTLA Cool Down,




Our theme-based resources for the  "virtual studio" live in a members-only portal. The best way to begin is to click on the post at the top, the current month's theme.  


You will be added to this PRANA MANDIR Global members site when you register.


When you sign in, scroll through and see what naturally makes you want to pause and see more.  Organically, you may drawn to community service projects, or to ancient poetry from Rumi, verses of the Bhagavad Gita, or illustrations of breath work?  Perhaps you will see that the way to your spirit IS through your heart's wisdom?  


Member's YOGA Class SCHEDULE 

The current zoom schedule as well as archived class recordings are posted in the pink and orange boxes, respectively, at the top of the monthly theme.

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