At this time the training is online. We look forwad to adding options for in person sessions and retreats in 2022.

250+ hr Certification

Curriculum and Class Times

Asana & Enlightened Alignment; Holistic Anatomy; the Pranic body, Nadis, the Subtle body; Chakras; the Mind and Soul. Study the science of yoga through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Kriya Yoga Upanishads, Vijnana Bharaiva and other historical texts.  AGNI is for those souls who wish to practice with others of a similar thirst.


Times for Yoga Therapy, Ayurvedic discussions and lectures will be discussed upon registration and are additional to weekly Yoga classes.  To fulfill the requirements for AGNI certification in Yoga as Therapy, self-practices and written homework is also required along with each module.  The momentum for the Intensive comes from the students. In 2022, the Intensive Training is self-paced, each student moving on to the next of 13 modules after the last is completed.  This allows students to move through the course work individually and in their own unique time line! 


  1. Opening Adi Vach Mantra, Uncoiling, Yogic Cleansing Kriyas

  2. Pure Movement & Kriya Yoga For The Heart, Chandra Namaskars – Heart, Blood & Seva

Holistic Anatomy:

  1. Regeneration – The Physical Body Organs, Glands & the Vibratory Cosmology, Rasayana/Rejuvenation 

  2. The Central Nervous System & The Earth’s Core – Spine & Mind

  3. Anatomy Painting – How Consciousness Moves In The Body. How emotions are held in the body. 

Practicing Through The Waves:

  1. Laya Yoga – Indra Nittra & Divine Shakti 

  2. Tantra Yoga – Kriyas for Memory – Color, Sound & Vibrational Healing 


Energy Anatomy Languages:

  1. Intro to Chinese Medicine – Tracing Meridian pathways, Yin/Yang Theory, The nourishment of Kriya Yoga 

  2. The Auric Field and Planetary Consciousness – Chakras – Nirvana 

  3. Wah & The Reality of Bliss – Capacity to Deal With Life 

Yoga Philosophies of the Soul:

  1. The Universe (As Your Body) – Kundalini Shakti – Healing Methodologies

  2. Balancing The Tattvas - The Lower to Upper Triangle – Darshan – Review 

  3. Bringing It all Together – Graduates choose a day to host a Yoga benefit.










Acceptance into the course is by application only.  Return to 


Please take some time to sit with the application and reflect on each question.  The energy with which you begin now

will continue and guide you in the course. Like a kriya, the journey is continuous and personal.


1. Name(s) Does your name hold a meaning for you, spiritually, personally or historically?

2. Date of birth. How has this date been significant for you?

3. How long have you been practicing Yoga? What lineage(s)? With whom have you studied?

4. What motivated you to begin: fitness, quietude, bliss?

5. What aspects of yoga or meditation would like to explore more deeply?

6. Do you meditate? With whom did you study?

7. Please write more about your personal journey: turning points, challenges, revelations.

8. What changes have your close friends and family noticed in you along the way?

(You may go ask them if you wish.)

9. How have you maintained discipline in your practice and devotion to your spirit?

10. Why do you want to join in the intensive?

11. Are you currently a Yoga teacher or do you wish to become a certified Yoga teacher in the future? Is there

an area of your work in which you are interested in utilizing the technology of Yoga? Please explain.


Class times  (Min. requirement is 2/Week):
Online class schedule with Lea 
Guided Meditation and Pranayama ===> Sunday 9:00am PST/ Noon EST
(Kundalini) Kriyas & Dream Yoga ===> Monday 5:30pm PST/ 8:30EST (Kundalini) (Kundalini) Kriya Yoga ===> Thursday 9:00am PST / Noon EST

Additional classes:
Recommended but not required for AGNI.
Led Ashtanga Primary Series ===> Sunday 7:00am PST / 10:00am EST
Vinyasa ===> 2:00pm PST / 5:00pm EST
Please always make your preferences for class times known. 

Early Bird Tuition Rate – $3000 – pay in full upon acceptance..

Pre-registered Tuition – $3200 – includes deposit.

Full Tuition – $3450 – A monthly payment plan may be arranged.

After completing the application and upon acceptance, a deposit will hold your space in the training.  The minimum deposit required is $500. You may send your deposit through any of the following:

Zelle - 6264213851

Venmo - Lea-Kraemer


Course Fees


contact us with your quetstions or to apply       626.421.3851