At this time the training is entirely online. We hope to be able to add in person sessions as it becomes safe again in California.

250+ hr Certification

Asana & enlightened alignment; holistic anatomy; the pranic body, nadis, the subtle body; chakras; the mind and the soul. Study the science of yoga through Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Kriya Yoga Upanishad, Vijnana Bharaiva and other historical texts.  AGNI is for those souls who wish to practice with others of a similar thirst. 

Curriculum & Themes


  1. Opening Mantras, Awakening exercises, Deep Cleansing Kriyas

  2. Pure Movement & Chandra Namaskar – Heart, Blood & Seva

Holistic Anatomy:

  1. Regeneration – Organs, Glands & the Vibratory Cosmology 

  2. The Central Nervous System & The Earth’s Core – Spine & Mind 

  3. Anatomy Painting – How does consciousness move? How emotions are held in the body. 

Practicing Through The Waves:

  1. Laya Yoga – Indra Nittra & Divine Shakti 

  2. Tantra – Kriyas for Memory – Color, Sound & Vibrational Healing 


Energy Anatomy Languages:

  1. Intro to Chinese Medicine & Meridians – How pathways are nourished by Kriya Yoga 

  2. The Auric Field and Planetary Consciousness – Chakras – Nirvana 

  3. Wah & The Reality of Bliss – Capacity to Deal With Life 

Yoga Philosophies of the Soul:

  1. The Universe (As Your Body) – Kundalini Shakti – Healing Methodologies

  2. Balancing The Tattvas - The Lower to Upper Triangle – Darshan – Review 

  3. Bringing It all Together – Graduates choose a day to host a Yoga benefit 

Teaching Certification is from Lea Kraemer and PRANA MANDIR Yoga.  Our graduates include Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Kundalini teachers, studio owners, energy workers, Reiki Masters, physical therapists, psychologists, medical doctors and practitioners of many healing traditions. A teacher is a channel for the Guru’s Grace.


Requires 3.5 - 14 hours of practice a week depending on your dedication and 3 - 5 hours of contemplation or writing is given for each module.  Students in AGNI are asked to take at least two related classes a week.   These should be documented and the style and subject are left to each person's discretion in order to best serve their journey.


Good attendance, gainful participation and knowledgable completion of the course work are essential.  No more than two weekends/modules can be missed in order to graduate.   Any missed material should be made-up homework must be turned in. 

A written exam given out the last day of class is due in 30 days exactly.   The physical experience/exam is a Benefit Day of Yoga classes open to all and hosted by the participants of AGNI.   Proceeds are donated to a pre-selected charity.  This year, we are expecting it to be an online event!

Mentoring is a part of this process, 10 – 15 additional hours.

AGNI gets involved in community service and outreach. We partner with organizations like Community Coalition in South LA.  Past graduating trainees Yoga have had opportunities to give classes in their own lineage style.  Newer teachers may also choose to support organizing and coordinating community service events at local hospitals, wellness, and community centers.  The intention is to bring Yoga & Meditation where it best serves the community!


Alternate Saturdays on Zoom 10:00am - 6:00pm (12:00 lunch break)

10:00am - Noon (PST) - Yoga Practice and Meditation

1:00pm - 3:oopm (PST) - Dharma Talk and Group Discussion

3:15 - End - Guided Meditation, Chanting and Practicum for Trainees

Early Bird Rate – $3000 – pay in full by September 2, 2019.

Pre-registered – $3200 – includes $500 deposit.

Tuition – $3450 – Monthly payment plans may be arranged.

Upon acceptance into the course, a deposit will hold your space.

Course Fees

contact us if you have quetstions or to apply       626.421.3851