Universe As Your Body

Remember things you have never known.

The Universe As Your Body is an ongoing, online forum to find the irresistible shape of your Yoga practice. 

1. Live Satsangs on Saturday mornings (recorded for virtual attendees).
2. Wisdom teachings and lectures (pre-recorded) on divine breath, authentic Yoga in action, manifesting healthy relationships, environmental responsibility, Tantra, and more topics of Yoga.
3. Practitioner-to-practitioner engagement.  Share insight, ask questions, and develop a community format for practitioners and teachers seeking non-judgmental wisdom.


The Universe As Your Body is not a series of videos that you watch while you do your practice!  Please turn off all electronic devices, place yourself in a quiet, clean room, away from life's distractions as much as possible for your Yoga sadhana.


We are creating the next spiritual texts through technology, art, and shared knowledge.  The forum is a reflective and connected resource for a balanced view of sacred Yoga.  The intention is to support the variety and depth of ongoing exploration in the lineage/s of Yoga.  The more questions you ask and the more feedback you give, the more the format responds - you will see that something is always stunning!


We go through energetic shifts and experience revelations and challenges

at the same time in distinct ways.


Each round, each month you participate in the Universe As Your Body is by donation. All donations are gratefully accepted.  

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