"The body is the Temple and the soul therein is like Shiva. Therefore, shed ignorance and worship  the body, considering it the abode of God." 

- The Yoga Upanishads 



Jaya OM! 


       Yoga Global

Remember things you have never known.

Curated lovingly, a theme-based forum to help you find the

 irresistible shape of your Yoga practice.

1. Live classes Wednesday at 2:00pm pDT / 5:00pm EDT

Friday morning 9:00am PDT / 12 Noon EDT 
2. Service - Social activism, Racial justice, Environmental protection, Conscious living practices.  Each theme includes ways to help create a better community and a stronger commitment to elevating the world around you as well the one inside of you.
3. Art - Support the variety and depth of ongoing exploration of Self through the sacred expression of music, visual art, poetry, performance, dance and photography.

4. Archived classes, discussions and interviews to access on demand. 

5. Share insight. Ask questions and develop non-judgmental inquiry.  There is a stunning truth that we all that go through astrological and energetic shifts, experience revelations and challenges at the same time, but in distinct ways.       

Rather than taking Yoga class

to get away from your life -

practice your life as a path

into the heart of Yoga.

Our virtual studio space is not just a place that houses a bunch of videos to watch while doing an isolated practice.  Each round, or each theme, contains all aspects of Yoga that make practice complete in your heart - from the spontaneous and natural desire for Ahimsa, to do no harm, to the glimpse of Bliss that lights our way during meditation.  At first we will have one theme per month, then two, with the hope of eventually presenting new themes each week.


Please turn off all electronic devices a much as possible for your Yoga Sadhana, and place yourself in a quiet, clean room, away from life's distractions.

We are creating the next spiritual text through technology, art, activism, and Yogic knowledge.  

ONE THEME - $28  ( one live class + archived session + art + articles )

ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP - $108 ( includes all live classes and events + access to all archives, art and articles. )

Please use this link to register  : paypal.me/pranamandiryoga

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