Online Training

95 Hour Component


"Ultimately you come into relationship to the universe and understand YOU already ARE and this brings you to the practical experience of Infinity." -  Yogi Bhajan

There Are 3 Aspects To Online Training

1. Commitment to an at home Yoga, meditation and Kriya practice centered around the weekend's theme, with specific material for each module. The practice is sent out before the intensive weekend and takes between 90 – 180 minutes depending on how it is approached. For each practice expressive, detailed notes, with photos, drawings and/or video links, meditations and reflections are sent out a few days before the live talk on Saturdays.  Yoga practice should done in a clean, silent, sacred space, ideally with internet turned off.


2. Saturdays – 10 am – 12noon (PST) live, online talk & discussion.

Classes are archived and video is available if a class is missed.



Pure Movement and the Heart

Clearing for Mind & Body   

Nervous System & Earth’s Core

How Does Consciousness Move?      

 Laya Yoga


Intro to Chinese Medicine

Aura & Planetary Consciousness   

Wah & The Reality of Bliss

The Universe (As Your Body)   

The Lower To Upper Triangle

Bringing All Together

3. Dharma Talks – a video archive of a one to two hour Wisdom teachings continuing on the module’s subject.  These are pre-recorded and may contain: guided Meditation, short practices, talks on healing, lectures on Ayurveda, teachings on methodology or breathwork and guidance for working with students and clients therapeutically.

  • Homework is given for each theme.  Some is written and others are practices, contemplations, etc.

  • If you finish the online course you will receive a certificate of completion.  Those wishing to graduate the full AGNI Intensive need an additional 105 contact hours, which may be achieved by participating in retreats, arranging to come to California for in-person classes/workshops, etc. (Additional fees may apply.) 

For more information and to discuss your participation: or 626.421.3851

ONLINE Course Fee:

Early Bird Rate – $980 – If paid in full by December 25.

Full Tuition – $1080       Payment plans are available!